Celebrations Jerónimos Church  
  • Monday until Saturday: 9h30 and 19h 
  • Sunday: 9h, 10h30, 12h and 19h
Visits On Mondays the church is closed

Sunday morning,
access is restrited
Visitation schedules:  
  • Tuesday until Saturday: 10h-17h (Winter - 1/10 until 30/3) 
  •     10h-18h (Summer - 1/4 until 30/9)
  • Sunday: 13h30-18h
  • Visit terms:
 Since this is a sacred place, we ask to the visitors:
  • Carry out the visit in silence, respecting who may be praying
  • Do not enter the Church with bare shoulders,
  • also with shorts for men and skirts / shorts in the case of the ladies.
  • Do not enter the church with your hat on.
Nª Srª Dores church
  • Sunday: 10h30
Restelo Chapel
  • Saturday: 16h
Office Rua dos Jerónimos, 3
  • Monday until Saturday: 9h30-13h et 15-18h
Confessions Parish Priest
  • Sunday: 10h30-11h15; 18h00-19h00
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 18h00-19h00 
Pe. Horácio Neto
  • Monday until Thursday and Saturday: 9h00-9h30 
  • Saturday: 17h30
  • Sunday: 13h15
  • Saturday: 11h00-13h00
  • Sunday: 13h30
Eucharistic Adoration
  • Thursdays at 18h15
Solemn Vespers
  • Saturday: 18h30
  • Monday until Saturday: 09h00 / 18h30
  • Sunday: 08h30 / 18h30